Community Pro-Rectory
Professor Sônia Regina Mendes dos Santos

Community Pro-Rectory

The Community Pro-Rectory - PROC, is the instance responsible for the articulation of various Unigranrio sectors in the conduction of programs, projects, events, services provision, monitoring of graduates and student exchange programs. In such a way to provide society with qualified human resources, to really intervene, with sensitivity and ethics, it defines he as a main extension strategy the stimulus to the collective, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary work.

It is PROC’s duty, though the mobilization of the faculty, students and external communities, to organize extension programs and projects that express Unigranrio’s commitment to the collectivity, with the construction of a more just, human and sustainable society.


João Marcos Oliveira Moraes
Marcelo Vianna da Silva
Zoraide Maria de Andrade