Pro-Rectory of Academic Administration
Professor Carlos de Oliveira Varella

Pro-Rector of Academic Administration

PROAC, following Unigranrio’s policies, grounds its work on the respect and transmission of values. By acting this way, it attaches the process of professional preparation to the training of the man who is aware of his role in society. It proclaims that the individual value is not opposed to the collective well-being.

Unigranrio’s educational process seeks to unite the values transmission and professional training, everyday information, experiences, human relations, ethics and the respect to individual differences.

Since the beginning of the higher education it intends to provide, it presupposes that there will be active, conscious and responsible performance by everyone involved.

It understands, as being indispensable, the articulation between Undergraduate, Graduate, Research and Extension programs, as well as assisting activities.

The operationalization of institutional policies is performed, fundamentally, during the execution of the teacher’s activities. If, when providing means to enable the courses to achieve good results, are actions restricted to the administration, the material and infrastructure conditions, the combination of ideological resources directed to results that are hard to measure – for going beyond the content of the subjects taught – it is an operation of the competence and responsibility of their devoted professors.

A maturity level is imposed to the manager and faculty member, that clearly shows moral conduct above the greater expression of his or her academic training: he needs to be an example of professional and of human being. It is only this type of professional that can execute the fundamentals of the Unigranrio’s policy. His action goes beyond the transmission of values, since he or she has intellectual and technical capabilities, which makes it possible to embody competences, skills, experiences and habits.

It is PROAC’s policy to progress and achieve new growth stages. To achieve that, it defies creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship of managers, teachers, students and staff.

Motivated by the slogan “Go beyond the classroom”, Unigranrio is a space open for everyone.

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