Always loyal to the philosophy of serving the community, Unigranrio University is tuned to their students’ needs. We have a Nucleus of Affiliations and Internships – NUCEN with the following goals:

It is a supervised educational scholar act, developed in the work environment, that seeks the preparation of the student for the productive labor.

The internship integrates the student’s training itinerary and is part of the Pedagogic Project. (Law 11788/08).

The internship activity is significant factor in the professional’s training, for providing the interaction of the student with the profession’s reality and the practical complement of the academic learning.

The internship, at Unigranrio, is a curricular activity, which presupposes its integration to the Pedagogic Project.

It is followed by a professor-instructor of the Institution, upon internship report, and supervised and appraised by a professional of the conceiving company.

In this sense, it contributes in a practical and effective way to:

• To the company that conceded the internship, by the student’s contribution with the company’s development;

• To the teaching institution, by the effectiveness of the training it provides;

• To the student, through the acquired experience.

Types of Internship

Mandatory Curricular Internship

It is the one that is part of the course’s curriculum, being a discipline, connected to the Curricular Catalog.

Its conclusion is condition to fulfil the curriculum and may or may not be a paid internship. The student is evaluated according to the Statute and Regiment of the University.

Non-Mandatory Curricular Internship

It is a personal option that the student can make, seeking to enrich his or her professional training, as it offers the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the course.

Documents that regulate and validate the Internship at Unigranrio.

All documents, listed below, that make the Internship valid are available in the Blog “Life on an Intern”.​

Visit the BLOG
  • Internship Term of Commitment;
  • Internship Performance Evaluation;
  • Activities Report;
  • Addendum of change in the Internship Term of Commitment
  • Contract of the Internship agreement Unigranrio/Company
Personal Life Insurance

When the Curricular Internship is mandatory, Unigranrio is responsible for the insurance’s payment. When the Curricular Internship is non-mandatory, the internship conceding company is responsible for the insurance payment.

Thus, when registering your enrolment in a discipline of Mandatory Internship, you are automatically included at the Unigranrio’s Social Life Insurance. On your Internship Term of Commitment, it is established that you are covered by the Personal Accidents Policy, N° XXXXXXX of the Insurance Company XXXXXX.

In order to access your insurance policy for Mandatory Internship, access the Unigranrio Portal with your password, click in Internships, and click in Personal Accidents Insurance.

In case of accident:

  • • Seek for medical assistance as soon as possible;
  • • Save all receipts and invoices related to the medical expenses that you or the person responsible for your medical assistance paid and ask for a medical report to verify your case;
  • • With all documentation in hands, you or the person responsible for you must call the Met Life Insurance Company at the number 3003-5433.
Lei 11 788
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