Scholarships and benefits

SEBBA – Department of Scholarships and Benefits

Unigranrio University is part of the Ministry of Education programs, increasing enrolment and course conclusion opportunities for the students of the University.

The Department of Scholarships and Benefits – SEBBA, manages the scholarships granting process, guides the students who are interested in applying for the MEC student funding program, the FIES, and participates in the management of benefits granted freely by Unigranrio, in the health, legal and educational areas.


PROUNI – The University for All Program is a governmental program that grants full or partial scholarships for undergraduate courses. In order to register at PROUNI, the applicant must meet the criteria of the program, and for you, we prepared an area with important information.
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It is important to highlight that Unigranrio only offers full scholarships.

Applications and other information


FIES – Student Financing Fund is a governmental program that offers funding for the student’s ungraduated course, the funding may be up to 100% and the student must meet the criteria of the program. Click here and read some of the information we prepared for you.

It is important to highlight that Unigranrio only offers full scholarships.

Applications and other information

UNIVERSITY FREE PASS (Cities of Rio de Janeiro)

The SMTR n° 2930/2017 of 12/21/17 resolution establishes supplementary norms to regulate the UNIVERSITY FREE PASS. The benefit is granted to the Rio de Janeiro students that are enrolled in the ungraduated courses of higher education located in Rio de Janeiro. (art.1º § 2º). Besides the PROUNI students and participants of the quotas program, students with family income up to 01 (one) minimum wage per person – not self-sufficient. The students must schedule their attendance to one of the service branches of the operator of the Electronic Ticketing System and provide the necessary clarification.

Read the resolution and the full decree 38.280 and stay tuned with the guidelines to acquire the benefit.

Resolução SMTR n.º 2930/2017 de 21/12/17

Decreto n.º 38.280 de 29/01/14

Discount Affiliations:
  • Associação Batista Caxiense

  • Associação Beneficente Israelita do Rio de Janeiro

  • CEPE - Clube dos Empregados da Petrobras

  • Hospital Caxias D'Or

  • Hospital Copa D'Or

  • Hospital J. Badim S/A

  • Hospital Mario Lioni

  • Hospital Quinta D'Or

  • Igreja Batista Central da Barra da Tijuca

  • Igreja Nova Vida de Caxias

  • Infoglobo


  • Stylus Former Eventos e Formaturas


Unigranrio offers discounts to students of the undergraduate and technology undergraduate courses, in the entering modalities available, constituting mere freedom of the Institution, able to cease it at any time, according to the IES’ criteria of convenience and possibility.

The requests must be made in the specific request form by the Uni Service > Services > Scholarships, and after this procedure, if necessary, must hand the documents at the student’s origin campus. Check with the staff member if her or she can get the request form started for you. External Transfer students, see guidelines in the benefit’s description.

General Considerations:

The first request for the benefit will not be considered at the enrollment quota, the concession will be for the quota of the following month from the request. Valid only for the payment until the fifth business day of the month of expiration. For any type of benefit, the request must be made in a request form through Uni Service > Services > Scholarships. The discounts are non-cumulative. The benefit will not be granted if there are debts of monthly payments of enrollment ids different from the request. If the student is enrolled in simultaneous courses, the grant may be conceived to both enrollments. The student who requests an offer change (course, shift or campus), if entitled to keep the benefit, must request it again.

Staff Members:

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